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Edited by Alan H. Faulkner, 43 Oaks Drive, Colchester, Essex CO3 3PS

E-mail: Alan Faulkner

Want to read a back number of "THE EASTERLING" from our archive ?
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and a CD-rom of issues from 1991 is available HERE

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JUNE 2017

Vol. 9, No. 17

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The current copy of  'THE EASTERLING' can also be read or downloaded as a .pdf in "Back Numbers," below:

Back Numbers of  'THE EASTERLING'

Volume Eight, Number Seven - February 2007 (2.38 Mb) Volume Eight, Number Eight - June 2007 (2.08 Mb) A CD-rom of 20 years of back numbers of 'THE EASTERLING' from
1991 is available on request for a minimum donation of 5
Volume Eight, Number Nine - October 2007 (1.66 Mb) Volume Eight, Number Ten - February 2008 (1,87 Mb)
Volume Eight, Number Eleven - June 2008 (1.06 Mb) Volume Eight, Number Twelve - October 2008 (3.43 Mb)
Volume Eight, Number Thirteen - February 2009 (1.76 Mb) Volume Eight, Number Fourteen - June 2009
Volume Eight, Number Fifteen - October 2009 (1.76 Mb) Volume Eight, Number Sixteen - February 2010 (1.76 Mb)
Volume Eight, Number Seventeen - June 2010 ( Mb)  Vol 8, 17 - Colour Supplement June 2010 Supplement 2010 
Volume Eight, Number Eighteen - October 2010 Volume Eight, Number Nineteen - February 2011
Volume Eight, Number Twenty - June 2011 Volume Nine, Number One- October 2011
Volume Nine, Number Two - February 2012 Volume Nine, Number Three - June 2012
Volume Nine, Number Four - October 2012 Volume Nine, Number Five - February 2013
Volume Nine, Number Six - June 2013 Volume Nine, Number Seven - October 2013
Volume, Nine, Number Eight - February 2014 Volume Nine, Number Nine - June 2014 Contact the editor
Alan Faulkner

Volume Nine, Number Ten  -  October 2014Volume Nine, Number Eleven - February 2015
Volume Nine, Number Twelve   -   June 2015
Volume Nine, Number Thirteen - October 2015
Volume Nine, Number Fourteen  -  February 2016
Volume Nine, Number Fifteen - June 2016
Volume Nine, Number Sixteen  -  October 2016
Volume Nine, Number Seventeen  - March 2017
Volume Nine, Number Eighteen  -  June 2017

You may Download the Abobe Reader from

The East Anglian Waterways Association is a believer in "Waterways for All" - promoting access to our navigations for the community - whether walkers, nature lovers, anglers, canoeists, boaters or gongoozlers.  We work with and support many local societies, trusts and other user bodies in the area  -  Please visit our LINKS page for more information.
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